Teuta Avdyli – is a wife, mother of two beautiful children. A Motivational Speaker, Transformational, Parenting Coach and Philanthropist.

She is an all-in risk-taker, a women’s advocate and a piece of living evidence, a living testimony that overcome a terrible lorry accident that nearly killed her, overcoming fear, challenges and eliminating victim mindset are the breaking point to achieve something extraordinary.


Her vision is to bring to the world an education reformed system, teaching parents super skills and how to leave a Legacy of Love. Her approach is very simple: LOVE: “Live Our Values Everyday” by Educating, Equipping, and Empowering. Teuta has helped hundreds of clients discover and develop their unique gifts. She has proven that the only thing that limits us is our mind! Teuta manifests multifaceted leadership with compassion & humility.


Her purpose is to provide women, mothers, with value through personal development and from her own unique experience of overcoming great adversity so they can hone in on their strengths, crush their goals, and reach their full potential.

Women are very powerful, they are not only able to give birth and curry and birth children they also are able to carry and give birth to greatness. Many women have not given birth to greatness because they are not aware of the power of greatness in them, they are bound to past mistakes or are not disconnected from familiar places to discover what is on the other side of life.

Teuta has overcome many challenges in her life. She changed her plans from pursuing a career in teaching when she reached her defining moments. She experienced the greatest epiphany of her life, while staying stationary at the traffic lights with her bicycle, out of a sudden she was flung to the side of the road and knocked down on the ground by a big track that came over her legs three times.

She was told by her doctors that not only she was lucky to be alive, but she may not be able to walk again. There in the hospital bed as she was fighting for her life and doctors couldn’t believe the miracle, she found her greatness she found her purpose!

Having the second chance in life, she takes her calling very seriously and wants to impact millions of people with her unique message and gifts.


An Amazon Bestseller author of the book,

“Born to Stand Out and No To Fit In.”


This book was birthed to help each reader, woman, mother, career, foster career, that may feet in one or all of these categories experience real liberty and greatness. I was once a woman unaware of what was inside of me. I had no idea how powerful I was until eventually, I discovered my true worth. I come face to face with my values and realize that I don’t settle for less than who I was created to be.

She also gained the full understanding that if I was great then everything that I had given birth to has to be great. My purpose become my priority I decided to put my focus on who I really was.

This book is filled with inspiration, women empowerment, and motivation. It’s also a great read to bring self-awareness, self-love and self-worth. Born to stand out can be a tool to be used by women of all ages even teenage girls to recognize, acknowledge, and embrace their greatness and realize they are born to stand out and to shine in the world.

Teuta has shared her message to different TV channels, radio programs, podcasts, featured in magazines, newspapers, tabloids, internationally.


✓ #1 Amazon Bestselling Author in 24 hrs in 6 Categories

✓ Her book” Born to Stand Out” has been nominated to be the most ‘100 Successful Business Women’ in the World which is coming soon on Amazon.

Teuta has created a blueprint on Empowerment Mastery System based on her first book “Born to Stand Out & Not to Fit In” helping women how to find their own strength in them, becoming victorious and living an extraordinary and happy life by overcoming all the challenges with her proven system.

Teuta also has created her foolproof strategy system, based on her second book titled: “Family Legacy of Love” which represents a blueprint of all key pillars for a family to be happy, successful and well-grounded that is strong enough to withstand years of difficult challenges.

Her goal is to help women/families to gain clarity in their lives, and Parenting with Purpose while perfecting their message. Her biggest fulfillment comes from taking someone on a journey from a place of unknowing to a hero, by inspiring everyone she meets in her way. Helping them discover their greatness and live their brilliance has guided many to achieve personal breakthroughs.


Educational Background

  • Professional Degree in Teaching
  • Bachelor’s Degree in teaching primary school children
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science and numerous courses on child development and taught computer skills to adults.
Certified by the World’s Motivation Speaker
Mr. Les Brown ‘Power Voice Academy’


A few years ago Teuta committed to living an incredible life and empowering others to do the same, to live their greatness and own their brilliance.

Since making that commitment she feels like she is the happiest woman walking on this Earth, enjoys increased happiness, fulfillment in her life.

Teuta provides you with useful information that will help you to start living a life with purpose immediately. Her goal is to help you discover your true self, including your greatest passions, strengths, and values so that you can find more meaning, bliss, and peace in your life. You will find information that will allow you to live a life of consistent happiness and empower you to live with your unique inner potential fully realized – the life that you need and deserve.


One of her favourite things Teuta do is to show people how much they can shine. She is absolutely in love with watching people step into their full capacity to illuminate. There is enough space for everyone to shine just like there is space enough for all of the stars in the sky. There’s nothing Teuta dislikes, more than people who have to dim down their light because they’re afraid of it. She dislikes seeing people suffer and loves to make them happy, smile, and be the luminary that they are.


As a speaker

✓ Reached Over 1 Million People at Speakers Are Leaders Online Events

✓  Spoke at 20 Events+

✓Invited to Speak in UK, Albania, UAE, Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, Peru, Dubai.

✓ Inspired Thousands of People in Person

✓ Presents weekly live lessons, seen as an expert, at USA TV GLOBAL with Dt Jacalyn

✓ Spoke at Same Event as Influencers, Presidents, Politicians

✓  Praised Worldwide for her Motivational Speaking

✓  Won 1 st Place on Speaking Competitions

As a influencer

✓   Multi-Award Winner

✓   Met Many Influencers

✓   Featured on different TV Channels

✓   Featured in Newspaper & Magazines

✓   Created A Clear & Consistent Personal Brand

✓   Clarified Her Signature Expert Message

✓   Created Online Courses

✓   Sponsored Various Charities

✓ Raised Her Profile from Recovering Accident Survivor to Global Positive Parenting Coach & Transformational Coach.

✓    Revamped Her Image to A Luxury Look

✓    Improved Her Social Media Presence

As an ambassador

✓   Successful Mothers Boarding Platform

✓   An Awarded Ambassador of Peace.

✓   Beautiful Survivors Award

✓   Women and Girls Empowerment Ambassador.

✓   An ambassador for Albanian Culture at WAGES

✓   The Mayor’s Award Certificate.

✓ Honorary Doctorate Award from Good News International University for exemplary work in serving the international community and for an outstanding contribution to humanity, significant contribution to public life.

✓   Global Ambassador Commonwealth Club

✓   GolabWiin Honorary Award

✓   ELS Edification Plus Award in Humanity.

✓   ELS Edification Plus Council member.

✓   GolabWiin Boarding Adviser

✓Leadership Award by World Wide Leaders Association.

As a philantropist

She had the honour to be invited as a VIP guest at Southeast Peace Summit in Albania 2019 and spoke at the closing dinner night before President’s, Parliamentarians and high influencers.

Teuta has contributed financially to the clean water project in Guinea, Koba, where all donations have been used to open drinking water wells. Many tragic cases had previously occurred in the area, where non-potable water was supplied from old uncontrolled wells. From this project, a population of two hundred families benefited from drinking water.

In Orphan’s Promise Project, she gives monthly financial help for the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children around the world by providing food, shelter, medical help, academic opportunity, and health programmes.

She sponsors a child financially by providing food, clothes and education through Compassion UK Charity that Teuta is working with.

Joins TBN Broadcast Network, UK, where Teuta sponsors “1-minute matters” monthly.

Teuta service life is in her DNA and she could not picture her life without it.